A Goodly Heritage

Donald Ross, the veteran Scottish evangelist, was a tireless worker for God. Hy Pickering, in Chief Men Among the Brethren, writes: “. . . He toiled for the perishing; at fairs and races, in tents and halls, in barns and chapels, in music halls and theatres, in cottages and in the open air, he sounded out the wondrous story.” And though his heart was in soul-winning, he knew the value of encouraging and exercising the Christians to pray through informative magazines. In 1878, he started the North- ern Evangelist and Intelligencer to tell of the mighty work God was then doing along the northeast coast of Scotland. Its influence and sphere of ministry became larger as its name became smaller, first to Northern Witness and then in 1888 to The Witness, its circulation reaching thirty thousand world-wide.

In 1879, Mr. Ross moved to Chicago and “in summer and winter, in rain and snow, in encouraging and discouraging circumstances” with God’s aid he helped establish a foothold for assemblies in North America. In 1881, he began publishing The Barley Cake, which later was changed to Our Record. When the Lord called him Home in 1903, the responsibility for the magazine was shouldered by his son Charles (C. W.). Later it was edited by T. D. W. Muir, H. A. Cameron, and again by C. W. Ross.

Meanwhile, in 1927, when missionary interest was low in some areas of North America, Leonard Sheldrake was used of the Lord to stir up considerable exercise which led to the publishing of Look On The Fields, edited by Mr. Sheldrake and published by Gospel Folio Press. The Lord used this effort for several years, and when missionary interests were featured more generally, Mr. Sheldrake felt constrained to discontinue the editing. The name of the paper was changed to Uplook, and Peter J. Pell became its editor. At the suggestion of its second editor, Dr. H. A. Cameron, the name was changed in 1933 from Uplook to Assembly Annals.

In that same year, Mr. C. W. Ross decided to discontinue the publication of Our Record. At that time he assured the publishers of the Assembly Annals that he would urge his subscribers to transfer their allegiance to this magazine, which he did, thus constituting Annals the successor to Our Record. The name reverted to Uplook in 1968. Following Dr. Cameron’s death, the magazine was co-edited by brothers William and Peter Pell.

With the home-call first of William and then of his brother Peter, the work was ably carried on by Mr. John Stellema, and now J. B. Nicholson, Jr. acting as editor.

As the future opens before us until our Lord returns, it is the desire of the magazine staff to press on along the trail blazed by these men of God. Lord willing, each issue will contain fresh articles on current needs and God’s remedies from the Word. We will also include inspiring writings from the past, historical sketches of heroes of the faith, timely quotes, news, book reviews, and Bible study helps. We would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions, and have the Lord hear your prayers for us as we bear this responsibility in these days of pressing need and unlimited opportunities.