MAY-JUNE 2008 – What is the Gospel? – PDF

What is the Gospel?

The word “gospel” means “good news.” In a world of bad— often, terrible—news, how refreshing to have good news.

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Editorial: What is the Gospel?
The Dispensation of the Gospel
“We Can’t Say No” – E.P.I.
The Defense and Confirmation of the Gospel
The Furtherance of the Gospel
The Hope of the Gospel
The Gospel: A Literary Marvel
The Word of the Gospel
The Preparation of the Gospel
The Person of the Gospel
Science & You: Bearing Strangers
Fresh Ink: Outgrowing the Gospel
Naugatuck Valley Outreach Report
Elder Helps: Spiritual Leadership Starts at Home (pt. 2)
For Your Study: The Gospel of …
Finally, Brethren: God’s Measuring Tape