MAY 2009 – The Old Testament: the First Three Quarters – PDF

The Old Testament: the First Three Quarters

This issue starts by looking at the nature of “change” in the church (some positive and some negative) and goes on to cover the relationship of Christians today to the Old Testament.

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Editorial: Is Being Novel Novel?
Reading with Understanding
The Relationship Between the Testaments
Literal or Figurative?
Biblical Dating
Christ in the Old Testament
Studying the Old Testament
Science & You: Reader’s Guide to the Origins Debate (part 2)
God’s Two Chief Hebrew Names
Charts: The Arrangement of the Hebrew & English Bibles
Chart: A Summary of the Phases of Old Testament History
The Importance of the Old Testament
Fresh Ink: Jacob and Esau
For Your Study: Types of Hearts
Elder Helps: Above the Law?
Dare to Think: The Direction of the Emerging Church Movement
Look at Books: The Shack
Finally, Brethren: Growing Up On Time