Purity (Part 2)

In our last article, Scott Thomson looked briefly at the main points relating to online purity. In this article, we will focus on some tools that can help us to avoid and resist pornography.


There is a danger in relying on tools too much so that when we are left without them, we have no strength to stand. Ephesians 6 gives us the spiritual armor we are to use to fight against the attacks of Satan. We must build a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus and surrender our lives to Him. That is where the key to avoiding sin is found. Having a love relationship with Him is vital to spiritual strength. But on top of that, we have a number of tools that will help us.


This is an essential tool in our fight against pornography and sexual sin. Accountability to others will come on various levels. These are people in our lives who will be able to hear the hard things we share, love us all the same, and make an effort to help us in our walk. Complete trust and confidentiality is a key component to these relationships. First, we should seek out close friends we can confide in and share our struggles with. These friends know us well, love us, and want the very best for us. Next, church leaders such as elders or youth leaders are great resources to help us. These accountability partners can give us spiritual guidance and help us to overcome sin in our lives. They should be trustworthy and keep our discussions private and confidential. Finally, online accountability partners can be a tremendous help to us as we navigate the internet. By using software such as Covenant Eyes, SafeEyes, or X3watch, these partners will know what is going on (the software automatically sends them regular reports of our online activity) and can address concerns as needed.


Online filtering software can be a tremendous help in preventing access to pornography and other types of content that could be tempting for us. This software will block websites that contain specific kinds of content. There are dozens of apps available, but one that we have used and can recommend is Safe Eyes. This very powerful tool has many features such as time limits, application limits, category limits, and more. You set up this tool with an account for each user that uses a device. For example, you might have five accounts: one for each parent and three for your children. Then you can customize each account based on the needs. You might want to regulate the internet use to only one hour per day for each child. Each account can be fine-tuned to allow just the right access level.

One suggestion is to have your accounts set up initially and then have a friend, accountability partner, or elder manage the accounts and password. That way there is no temptation to log in, change the settings, and bypass the filtering for your account.


One last resource I would like to mention is that there are a few organizations that provide excellent help for those who are struggling. These organizations cover many addictions and can give specialized help when needed. Setting Captives Free is a well-known, Bible-based, Christ-centered organization that helps with addictions. Pure Life Ministries also provides excellent help and resources.

As we strive for purity in our lives, a dedicated and vibrant relationship with the Lord coupled with the use of tools available to us can help us be free from sexual sin or other addictions. Bring people into your life who can help you in your walk and can keep you accountable before the Lord.


In our final article on the subject, we share some thoughts in from a woman’s perspective on this sensitive issue.

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