November 14, 2018

CHRIST the TRUSTWORTHY ONE: “In His name Gentiles will trust” (Mt 12:21). In a little Perthshire town in Scotland there was a minister of the gospel whose name filled the district like ointment poured forth. A Highland drover sometimes passed through this town. On one occasion, he waited over to the Lord’s day to hear the Word. He couldn’t make much of the English discourse, but at the end the Metrical 34th Psalm in the Scots Version was sung. The last verse says: “Ill shall the wicked slay; laid waste Shall be who hate the just. The Lord redeems His servants’ souls; None perish that Him trust.” At least he understood the last line! “Sir,” he said, “you read from the Psalm Book, ‘None perish that Him trust.’ Is that true?” With joy, the man pointed him to Christ. Often after, as he passed through the town, he would visit the man of God. Locking hands, he would say with feeling, “None perish that Him trust.” (Dr. Edmond, Christian World Pulpit, p 145)