November 15, 2018

CHRIST the OVERSEER of our SOULS: “For you were like sheep going astray, but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer (Bishop, KJV) of your souls” (1 Pet 2:25). The evidence is clear: no one cares for our souls like Jesus. David, who certainly knew something about what it took to be a good shepherd, wrote concerning his Shepherd and Overseer. In the well-beloved Psalm 23, he tells us that, if the Lord is your Shepherd, He will make sure that you lack nothing you need (v 1). He is also the ideal Leader, who will bring us to lush pastureland and to the waters of quietness (v 2). And how grateful we should be that He is the Restorer of our souls (v 3), and the Comforter, even as we pass through the Valley of Death’s Shadow (v 4). And can you believe that He is the Preparer of a table where we, Mephibosheth-like, eat the royal fare (v 5)! Note also that He is our Anointer (v 5), pouring the oil of His Spirit upon us, and caring for us until He is Heaven’s Welcomer (v 6).