November 2, 2018

CHRIST the FULLNESS (Col 2:9). In his book, In the Arena of Faith, Erich Sauer writes, “About thirty years ago I took part in a Christian conference in England and have never forgotten a Bible exegesis which one of the speakers gave. He spoke of the words “according to the riches of His glory…” (Eph 3:16). And then he spoke as follows: If a beggar were to meet a millionaire in the street and if the latter were to give him a sixpence, we should be able to say correctly that he had given him “out of” his riches. But nobody would think of saying that he had given him “according to” his riches. If he had given him “according to” his millions, the gift would have been very different. How does our God act? Does He only give us “out of” His riches? Here a little joy and there a little victory? Today a little help and tomorrow perhaps an occasional answer to prayer? No, He, the all-sufficient One, gives “according to” His riches. His standard is not our daily needs but…gives us His blessings “according to” His fullness.