Come to the Savior

Oh come to the merciful Savior who calls you,
Oh come to the Lord who forgives and forgets;
Though dark be the fortune on earth that befalls you,
There’s a bright home above where the sun never sets.

Oh come then to Jesus, whose arms are extended
To fold His dear children in closest embrace;
Oh come, for your exile will shortly be ended,
And Jesus will show you His beautiful Face.

Yes, come to the Savior, whose mercy grows brighter
The longer you look at the depths of His love;
And fear not! ’tis Jesus, and life’s cares grow lighter,
As you think of the home and the glory above.

Have you sinned as none else in the world have before you?
Are you blacker than all other creatures in guilt?
Oh fear not, and doubt not! the mother who bore you
Loves you less than the Savior whose blood you have spilt.

Oh come then to Jesus, and say how you love Him,
And vow at His feet you will keep in His grace;
For one tear that is shed by a sinner can move Him,
And your sins will drop off in His tender embrace.

Come, come to His feet, and lay open your story
Of suffering and sorrow, of guilt and of shame;
For the pardon of sin is the crown of His glory,
And the joy of our Lord to be true to His Name.

—Author Unknown