I’ve found a joy in sorrow,
A secret balm for pain,
A beautiful tomorrow
Of sunshine after rain.
I’ve found a branch of healing
Near every bitter spring,
A whispered promise stealing
O’er every broken string.

I’ve found a glad hosanna
For every word and wail,
A handful of sweet manna
When grapes from Eshcol fail.
I’ve found a Rock of Ages
When desert wells were dry;
And, after weary stages,
I’ve found an Elim nigh;

An Elim, with its coolness,
Its fountains, and its shade!
A blessing in its fulness,
When buds of promise fade!
O’er tears of soft contrition
I’ve seen a rainbow light;
A glory and fruition,
So near! yet out of sight.

My Savior! Thee possessing,
I have the joy, the balm,
The healing and the blessing,
The sunshine and the psalm!
The promise for the fearful,
The Elim for the faint,
The rainbow for the tearful,
The glory for the saint.

—Jane Crewdson