Imaginary Evils

Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow,
Leave things of the future to fate;
What’s the use to anticipate sorrow?
Life’s troubles come never too late!
If to hope overmuch be an error,
‘Tis one that the wise have preferred;
And how often have hearts been in terror
Of evils that never occurred.

Have faith, and thy faith shall sustain thee:
Permit not suspicion and care
With invisible bonds to enchain thee,
But bear what God gives thee to bear.
By His spirit supported and gladdened,
Be ne’er by forebodings deterred;
But think how oft hearts have been saddened
By fear of what never occurred.

Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow:
Short and dark as our life may appear,
We may make it still darker by sorrow,
Still shorter by folly and fear!
Half our troubles are half our invention,
And often from blessings conferred
Have we shrunk, in the wild apprehension
Of evils that never occurred.

—Charles Swain