Jesus is God

Jesus is God! The solid earth,
The ocean broad and bright,
The countless stars, like golden dust,
That strew the skies at night,
The wheeling storm, the dreadful fire,
The pleasant, wholesome air,
The summer’s sun, the winter’s frost,
His own creations were.

Jesus is God! The glorious bands
Of golden angels sing
Songs of adoring praise to Him,
Their Maker and their King,
He was true God in Bethlehem’s crib,
On Calvary’s cross true God,
He who in heaven eternal reigned
In time on earth abode.

Jesus is God! There never was
A time when He was not:
Boundless, eternal, merciful,
The Word the Sire begot!
Backward our thoughts
Through ages stretch,
Onward through endless bliss,
For there are two eternities,
And both alike are His!

Jesus is God! Alas! they say
On earth the numbers grow,
Who His Divinity blaspheme
To their unfailing woe.
And yet what is the single end
Of this life’s mortal span,
Except to glorify the God
Who for our sakes was Man?

Jesus is God! Let sorrow come,
And pain, and every ill;
All are worthwhile for all are means
His glory to fulfill;
Worthwhile a thousand years of life
To speak one little word,
If by our Credo we might own
The Godhead of our Lord!

Jesus is God! Oh could I now
But compass land and sea,
To teach and tell this single truth,
How happy should I be!
Oh had I but an angel’s voice
I would proclaim so loud:
Jesus, the good, the beautiful,
Is everlasting God!

—Frederick W. Faber