The Jesus-Way

Oh, there’s many a thorn in the Jesus-way,
Many a thorn, I know;
There is grief and loss and the pain of the cross
Wherever my feet may go.
But the Lord will heal all the wounds I feel,
When the thorns have pricked me sore,
And He’s planted a rose where the brier grows,
For He’s walked this path before.

There is many a storm on the Jesus-way,
Many a storm I see,
When black is the cloud and the wind is loud
And the waves go over me.
But the Lord is in my little ship
And the storm obeys His will;
At the word He hath said: “Be not afraid”
My heart and the sea grow still.

There is many a foe on the Jesus-way,
Many a foe to fight,
And all the day I must watch and pray
To keep my armor bright.
But the Lord is ever at my side
The tempter’s wiles to meet;
Though the foe be strong and the strife be long,
He can never know defeat.

—Annie J. Flint