The Love of Christ

How broad is His love? Oh, as broad as man’s trespass,
As wide as the need of the world can be;
And yet to the need of one soul it can narrow—
He came to the world and He came to me.

How long is His love? Without end or beginning,
Eternal as Christ and His life it must be,
For, to everlasting as from everlasting,
He loveth the world and He loveth me.

How deep is His love? Oh, as deep as man’s sinning.
As low as that uttermost vileness can be;
In the fathomless gulf of the Father’s forsaking
He died for the world and He died for me.

How high is His love? It is high as the heavens,
As high as the throne of His glory must be;
And yet from that height He hath stooped to redeem us—
He so loved the world and He so loved me.

How great is His love? Oh, it passeth all knowledge,
No man’s comprehension its measure can be;
It filleth the world, yet each heart may contain it—
He so loves the world and He so loves me.

—Annie J. Flint