The Silence of God

Jehovah saith no more; the voice of God hath ceased.
No more by vision or by dream, by prophet or by priest,
By ephod or by teraphim, by angel or by star,
By altar or by sacrifice, He speaketh from afar.

No more—He saith no more; the silent heavens wait;
The silent angels keep their watch beside the open gate;
The silent Christ bends low with tender, pitying face,
To see if one more soul on earth will seek God’s offered grace.

Jehovah saith no more. Why should He speak again
When His last word is echoing yet within the ears of men?
But they refuse to hear, and through the flying days
They eat and drink and buy and sell, and go their careless ways.

Jehovah saith no more. His last great Word is said
Till from the earth and sea His voice shall call the dead;
Till like the thunder’s peal His judgment word is hurled
To shake with awful wrath the unbelieving world.

But now His voice is still. Oh, ye whose hearts have heard,
You are the voice of God to speak His gracious word.
Repeat it to the sons of men, though they the call ignore,
For unless you shall speak His word, Jehovah saith no more.

—Annie J. Flint