January 9 Petition Mission

“For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him” (1 Sam 1:27).

D.L. Moody recounts the following: “A man came to me and said, ‘Mr. Moody, when the Mexican War began I wanted to enlist.…When I was going away, my mother took out a watch and said, “Son, your father left me this when he died. Take it. I want you to remember that every day at 12 o’clock your mother will be praying for you.” Then she gave me her Bible…I went off to Mexico, and one day while on a long, weary march, I took out my watch. It was 12 o’clock. I had been gone four months…Something prompted me to ask my officer to relieve me for a while, and I stepped behind a tree away out on those plains in Mexico, and cried to the God of my mother to save me.’”

Who can estimate the value of the prayers of mothers through the ages? Surely the God whose memory surpasses even that of nursing mothers hears and answers such prayers (Isa 49:15).