February 9 Petition Mission

“…Teach us what we shall do for the child” (Jdg 13:8).

These words of Manoah express the concern we all should feel when a child comes into this world. J. Wilbur Chapman, standing in the store of New York’s famous jeweller, Tiffany & Co., saw a salesman showing a woman a $17,000 pearl, and then said, “I imagined them bringing all their stock to my house and saying, ‘We want you to take care of this tonight.’ What do you think I would do?” He told his audience he would immediately seek police protection. “But,” he added, “I have a little boy in my home…I turn to this old Book and read, ‘What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’ It is as if Christ had all the diamonds and rubies and pearls in the world in one hand and a little child in the other, and the child is worth more than all the gems.”

If we would seek help in guarding a house full of jewelry, how we should seek help through prayer for our children and grandchildren today!