March 18 Petition Mission

“As a father pities his children, so the Lord pities those who fear Him” (Ps 103:13).

In his book At the Sixtieth Milestone, W.Y. Fullerton tells the story of a Christian lady, Mrs. Cobley, who visited Leicester Infirmary with flowers and words of truth and comfort. On one occasion, a young doctor greeted her with the quip, “Well, Mrs. Cobley, I suppose you’ve been telling these patients that God hears prayer.” “Yes, sir,” she answered. “My Father always hears His people when they cry.” “I’m very glad to hear it,” he replied, “for I’m very hard up this morning. Do you think that if I asked your Father for a five-pound note He would give it to me?”

“Well, suppose you were introduced to the Prince of Wales today, sir; do you think the first day you met him you could ask him for a five-pound note?” “No,” replied the doctor, “I suppose I would need to wait a while until I knew him better.” “Yes,” replied the old woman, “and I suppose you might want to know my Father first, too.”