May 21 Petition Mission

“In God we boast all day long, and praise Your name forever. Selah” (Ps 44:8).

C.H. Spurgeon was traveling by train to a preaching engagement, but, having hurried to catch it, he discovered he left his ticket and money at home. The only other occupant in the compartment noticed him fumbling in his pockets and asked if he could help. Spurgeon told him of the dilemma, “but,” he added, “I’m not at all troubled, because I’m on my Master’s business and have so many evidences of Divine Providence in small matters, as well as great ones, that I am bound to experience His aid in this difficulty as well.”

Soon the conductor appeared, acknowledged Spurgeon’s traveling companion, had a quiet word with him, and left the compartment. “Strange that he didn’t ask to see my ticket,” commented the preacher. “No,” said the other, “it’s only another illustration of what you have been telling me. You see, I’m the general manager of this line.” Let’s boast in our wonderful God today!