June 17 Petition Mission

“Out of the depths I have cried to You, O Lord” (Ps 130:1).

“‘Perhaps to suffer,’ wrote the Swiss theologian Vinet, ‘is nothing else than to live deeply. Love and sorrow are the conditions of a profound life.’ A truer word was never spoken. There would indeed be no understanding of life at all did we not know from experience that in life’s depths we receive our best training.…‘The Bible owes its place in literature,’ said Emerson, ‘not to miracles, but to the fact that it comes from a profounder depth of life than any other book.’ Out of the depths have come the most inspired and inspiring of the psalms of faith…Out of the depths men have brought blessings which are rarely found in green pastures and by still waters. We never know how much God is the one great need of the soul till we go down to the depths” (John Hunter).

In the depths today? At times like this, friends are precious, but only the Lord can hear you, reach you, lift you out of the depths. Cry to Him!