June 23 Petition Mission

“You are good, and do good; teach me Your statutes” (Ps 119:68). In other words, “Lord, I love both who You are and what You do.”

The Lord’s statutes are what give us the true measurement of the good. Clearly, what God does is determined by who He is, and He always acts consistently with His revealed Word. The blessings flow out from the Blesser; we should never stop short at the gifts when their intent is to draw us closer to the Giver.

A new believer speaking with a mature Christian opined, “Isn’t it a great thing to be saved?” “Yes,” he responded, “it certainly is; but I know something even better than that!” “Better than being saved?” the young Christian asked incredulously. “Yes,” replied the seasoned saint. “It’s great to be saved but better still to know the daily companionship of the One who saved us. As the Queen of Sheba said about her visit with Solomon, ‘the half was not told me.’ And forever we’ll be discovering how wonderful He really is!”