June 27 Petition Mission

“But Daniel purposed in his heart…” (Dan 1:8). The door of history pivots on a relative handful of decisions. Here we read about young Daniel’s choice to guard himself from defilement. His resolve set him apart from the crowd, equipped him for God’s use, and changed the direction of world empires.

When Don Calhoun made his way to his third-ever Chicago Bulls’ basketball game, the $5-per-hour laborer had no way of knowing that it would change his life. He was selected from the crowd and given the opportunity to participate in the “Million Dollar Shot.” In a break in the action, he was asked to hurl a basketball from the free-throw line at the other end of the court into the basket 75 feet away. It dropped through without touching the rim, and he arrived home with two bucks in his pocket, but a millionaire.

Today lies before you, rich with possibilities. An answered prayer. A lost soul won. A fainting saint encouraged. History awaits your resolve to choose for God. Swish!