June 9 Petition Mission

“The earth, O Lord, is full of Your mercy; teach me Your statutes” (Ps 119:64).

Beautiful, isn’t it! What a positive way of acknowledging that the world is actually full of broken-hearted sinners, of the wreckage of the wrong actions we have committed against God and one another. The psalmist focuses instead on God’s amazing response to humanity’s desperate need. Mercy! Let others complain about the sad conditions around us; with the eyes of faith we see every need, failure, and loss as a golden opportunity for “the Father of mercies and God of all comfort” (2 Cor 1:3) to demonstrate the fullness of that mercy.

As Blaise Pascal wrote: “There is nothing that we can see on earth which does not either show the wretchedness of man or the mercy of God. One either sees the powerlessness of man without God, or the strength of man with God.” As Christ dwells in our hearts by faith, let’s not miss all the evidence of His goodness and mercy following us every day.