November 13 Petition Mission

“It may be that the Lord your God will hear all the words of the Rabshakeh…” (2 Ki 19:4).

Interesting, isn’t it? God not only hears the petitions of His people, but the grievous words of His people’s critics, too. The National Statuary Hall in Washington, DC’s Capitol used to be the chamber of the House of Representatives. John Quincy Adams discovered its unintended secret. At the place he sat, one could hear a whisper from 50 feet away. Thus, Adams could hear and anticipate his adversaries’ strategies, then move to neutralize them. When the secret was discovered, they attempted to mask the advantage with heavy drapes, but to no avail.

The Scripture says that when you attack God’s own people, you’re poking Him in His eye, and He takes that very personally (Zech 2:8)! Paul might write that the active servants of the Lord have “many adversaries” (1 Cor 16:9), but we also have an Advocate who can best them all. Lord, please neutralize the opposition to Your work and workers today.