Encourage Your Sisters

Don’t leave widows out of your social plans. Often when a husband dies, his wife is no longer invited out to dinner since it’s “a couple thing.” Then invite a couple of widows!

Make sure that those who don’t have a husband in the assembly (single, widowed, unsaved husband, etc.) still have a voice in the affairs of the local church. Encourage them to express their views (often the most perceptive ones) privately to an elder or by a note in a box provided.

The Scriptures give particular and practical directions for utilizing widowed women in a visitation ministry (1 Tim. 5:3-15). They should not have to eke out a living with a low-level job if their past life has been one of service to the Lord and His people. Financial fellowship should be had with them, providing resources not only to live on, but to purchase necessary supplies for their visitation or evangelism ministry. As Paul enjoined: “Help those women which laboured with me in the gospel” (Phil. 4:3).