December 13, 2018

CHRIST the AWAKENER: “Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up” (Jn 11:11). R.J. Campbell writes: It happened…that my only child fell ill, and for a time, as it seemed, dangerously ill. One day she fell into a troubled sleep, in which it was evident that her dreams were disquieting. She tossed about and cried aloud. Her mother bent over her, touched her, and she awoke. The eyes of the little sufferer opened. She looked up at her mother’s face, and oh! what a change passed over her own; and she said, “Oh, mother, I have been dreaming such dreadful things. I dreamt that I was far away in a dark place, and that I called and called and you couldn’t hear, and didn’t answer. And then you touched me, and I opened my eyes, and there you were.” In this earthly night, we sometimes dream that all is wrong, only to wake and find that all is right. Whatever the present distress, God is on the throne, we are in His hands, the Spirit dwells within, and Christ is praying us Home.