December 24, 2018

JESUS the ONE to KNOW: “By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us” (1 Jn 3:16). M.S. Braithwaite tells about a poor homeless waif, whose street name was “Little Broomstick.” She took sick one Christmas, and was taken to the hospital. While there she heard the story of Jesus coming into the world to save us. It was all new to her, but very precious. The knowledge of the Savior made her so happy as she lay in her cot. One day the nurse came round at the usual hour. She held the nurse by the hand and whispered, “I’m havin’ real good times here! S’pose I shall have to go away from here as soon as I get well; but I’ll take the good time along—some of it anyhow. Did you know ’bout Jesus?” “Yes,” replied the nurse, “I know, sh-sh-sh! Don’t talk any more.” “You did? I thought you looked as if you didn’t, and I was goin’ to tell you.” “Why, how did I look?” asked the nurse. “Oh, just like most folks—kind’a glum. I shouldn’t think you’d ever look glum again if you knowed about Jesus.”