December 25, 2018

JESUS: “You shall call His name JESUS” (Mt 1:21). James Hastings writes: “We meet the name for the first time in Numbers 16:16, where we read that “Moses called Hoshea the son of Nun Joshua” (meaning “Jehovah is salvation”). Jesus and Joshua are the same name, only one is Greek and the other Hebrew. Joshua the son of Nun, the commander-in-chief of the Lord’s people, under whom they conquered their inheritance…is the first who bears the name “Jesus” in the pages of history. But this Jesus died, and…the second Jesus came—Jeshua the high priest, who led the people back to the land that had been lost by sin; Jeshua, who rebuilt the Temple and restored the worship of God…Thus, you shall name Him after the great captain who brought his people in. And you shall name Him after the great high priest who brought his people back. You shall call Him Jesus, for He shall both redeem and restore His people! “He shall save His people from their sins.”