The Double Reason

Fear not, though the dangers around thee,
Come close and look large and grow great;
I will make thee a way through the waters
Till their force and their fury abate;
I will walk through the furnace beside thee
And the flame shall not burn, but refine;
I have called thee and I have redeemed thee!
Fear not, thou art Mine.

Fear not; there is naught that can harm thee,
Though evils increase, more and more
Though the prey there is none to deliver
The spoil there is none to restore.
The power shall pass from the mighty,
The strength of the foe shall decline;
When I work, there is none that can hinder,
Fear not, I am thine.

Fear not; I have called thee and named thee,
Thou art precious and dear unto Me;
I have chosen thee, loved thee and saved thee
My praise and My glory to be.
I have given My life for thy ransom,
My blood is the seal and the sign;
Thy Savior, Thy God, Thy Redeemer:
Fear not; thou art Mine; I am thine.

—Annie J. Flint