January 15 Petition Mission

“When he is judged, let him be found guilty, and let his prayer become sin. Let his days be few, and let another take his office” (Ps 109:7-8).

What a strange phrase: “Let his prayer become sin.” This passage is applied to Judas, whose longings led directly to the betrayal of the Innocent One. Beware the prayer that opposes the will of God!

C.H. Spurgeon tells of a lady who had come to him several times about salvation. On a subsequent visit, he asked if she had yet trusted Christ. She said, “No,” but wondered if he would pray for her. Spurgeon said he would not! “Would you have me ask God to save you without believing?” he asked. “Would you have me ask God to shape His gospel so as to let you in as an exception?…His plan of salvation is so simple that you must come to it; and if you won’t come to it, I am not going to ask God anything; for I do not see anything that is wanted of Him.” The woman was so shaken by this, she repented and confessed Christ as her Savior.