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Uplook Ministries is a non-profit corporation exempt from tax under sec 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code looking to the Lord to provide for the needs of this ministry. Uplook Ministries has encouraged evangelism outreaches and training efforts, relief work to the disadvantaged in the Deep South while ministering to both material and spiritual needs. Online teaching and outreach continues to be expanded with these web sites:, Uplook TVGood News Granary, and Good News Now.

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing efforts of Uplook, simply fill in the form below to donate. Contributing to Uplook is easy, fast and secure using Paypal payment service. (NOTE: a PayPal account is not required–most common credit cards are accepted). Receipts are issued for donations ($10+) when addresses are provided, and are valid for tax purposes in the USA. Donations can also be made by check/money order in US $, and should be payable to “Uplook” and sent to one of the addresses listed here. Thank you.

This page is for US donors. If you would like a receipt valid for Canadian tax purposes, please visit here.